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Dominating Google – Should You Buy It?

Dominating Google, Yahoo and Bing

Dominating Google

Should you buy Dominating Google?

I did and I want to tell you in this Dominating Google Review why it has been the most important internet marketing purchase I have made for many years.

If you have followed my website you will know that I am very dubious about buying products online when they make promises that might be unrealistic.  In fact I only buy such products in order to test them and post reviews on my website to help unsuspecting online marketers to avoid costly mistakes.

Occasionally I come across a product that does not attempt to sell me overnight riches with next to no work required from me.  I’m sure you have seen many questionable products that claim to make all sorts of guarantees that cannot possibly stand up to scrutiny.  Well, Dominating Google impressed me from the first time I saw it online because it did not do that.

Dominating Google – knowledge and techniques to master SEO

When I studied the offer page I got a firm impression that Dominating Google had the potential to teach all the important knowledge and techniques required to master SEO   (Search Engine Optimization).  And, importantly, it did not make any promises about vast riches gained without any work from me.  In fact the second impression I got was that SEO was going to need some hard work, determination to succeed and devotion to understanding it.

Yes, it really came over as a genuine program and not a get rich quick scam.  On that basis I bought it; initially to test it and write a Dominating Google Review for people who follow my website.

That soon changed.  When I studied what Mark Dulisse had included in his program I was very pleasantly surprised.  I was already expecting a good, honest tutorial.  What really surprised me was the depth of information and guidance he had gone to.  Very quickly Dominating Google was no longer just another program for reviewing.  It became a program that I wanted to use to improve my own SEO.

The more I studied the program the more I realised Mark worked from an entirely different position than most of what is offered online by other people.  Too often you will see web pages promissing you the secret to beating Google and doing some dubious tactic to get one up on the search engines.  Don’t believe any of it.  Instead look at what Mark offers.  He works with Google and other search engines to ensure that his web pages are not just accepted by them but actually loved by them.  That is why he is so successful.Mark Dulisse

Prior to buying Mark’s program I knew a lot about SEO.  It is quite possible that you also know a lot but what I found most useful was the extensive detail about actually putting into practice all the theory and techniques covered.  Mark takes us through his actual hands on procedures plus volumes of information and lists of online resources, mostly free, that most so-called gurus never include in their tutorials.  Mark doesn’t just describe the process and leave it to you to implement.  Just follow his total advice and it is almost inconceivable that any student will fail to make great progress in SEO.

Good SEO is the only way to drive long term traffic to your website

Whatever you might read online the real experts all agree that to make money you need traffic.  More traffic gives you more money.  SEO is how you get traffic to your website.  Mark Dulisse is the top SEO expert I have ever come across.

He wasn’t always in that position.  In earlier days he struggled to make progress in his web business.  He tried all the usual methods promoted by other internet marketers, some of whom had very little understanding of SEO and others who did not make an honest attempt at providing what their offers promissed.

Gradually, through a lot of hard work and study, Mark discovered where to get the right information and how to apply it.  You could do the same.  It took Mark nearly two years of work but gradually things came together and his online business started to grow.  He was getting many of his offers on page one of Google often with several entries in the top ten.

Mark had not stumbled upon some fantastic method as so many other online offers claim.  He had explored and examined everything he could about SEO.  He built his method from the ground up in a way that always gets results.  In fact he has built vast lists off his SEO and many other market leaders actually consult with him for their own SEO.  You will often find him working in joint ventures with many of them.

I’ve corresponded frequently with Mark since buying his program and I have a great respect for him both as a person and an internet marketer.  Unlike the “gurus” he is not a pushy person.  He is not brash and does not make unrealistic promises.  Mark is a quiet family man who has also developed a particular skill with SEO.

To fully describe Dominating Google would take up several pages of text and it really is a program that is best seen from within itself.  What you should be interested in before you make a choice to purchase is the scope of coverage it provides.  When I purchased Dominating Google it comprized the following modules:


Dominating Google modules

Module 1 – De-mystifying Google’s SERPs – 10 videos and 1 pdf workbook

Uncover four major factors enabling you to understand Google’s requirements

Understand Google’s layout for SERPs

Understand crawling, indexing and ranking

Discover what Google really wants from you

5 critical trust factors you must have

Understand what the searcher wants

Learn how to deliver relevant content

Module 2 – Webmaster tools and analytics explained – 12 videos and 1 pdf workbook

Get tools that are safe to use and see how to use them

Discover which keywords attract buyers

How Google’s Webmaster Tools help you to dominate Google

Google Analytics used this way will put you ahead of other marketers

Competiton research checks out what is really happening in your niche

Module 3 – Deliver the determining factors for top Google rankings – 3 videos and 1 pdf worksheet

On site SEO – building the ideally optimized, Google friendly website

10 crucial on site tweeks that equal 90% of your success formula

Create only the three types of content Google and customers want

Avoid the dreaded duplicate content penalty

Understand the new link classification

The right link strategy for specific purposes

Module 4 – The “Dominating Google” action blueprint

Overall process to dominate Google’s first page

Understand your audiences

Lead generation


Putting it all together with WordPress

Mark Dulisse’s personal Google Domination linking mindmap

Module 5 – Dominating Google’s “vertical” search engines – 25 videos

Dominating Google with geo-targetting, demo-targetting, local SEO, video, images, news, products, blogs, RSS feeds, mobile SEO, universal search results and social media

Module 6 – The 7 SEO traps and fatal mistakes – 3 videos and 1 pdf

You need to know what to do but you also need to know what not to do.  Mistakes can ruin your ranking but Mark shows you how to avoid such catastrophe.

Since I purchased Dominating Google Mark has kept the program fully up to date.  He has added further modules and up dated lists of free online resources.  This alone makes Mark stand out above other experts.  With Mark this program will be something you can use for years to come.

Some of the extras you get include:

WordPress Training

Photoshop Tutorial

Facebook Bonus

As I stated at the start of this Dominating Google Review I bought the Dominating Google teaching program and was very pleasantly surprised at how much Mark Dulisse has included.  This really is the top SEO tutorial.

It is a program that I refer to almost on a daily basis.  Every time I look into it I am reminded of something that could easily get forgotten in the complexities of expert SEO.  Not just am I reminded but Mark’s ability to describe both the techniques and the actual methods he uses to implement them makes it so easy to make regular improvements in my own SEO.

As I write this Dominating Google Review I can report that I have seen measurable and steady increases in the numbers of visitors to my websites. I cannot imagine any other program coming near to what Mark has achieved. And, very importantly, I am confident that my SEO really is working well; I know because my sales are on an upward trend.

Should you buy Dominating Google?  Well, if you really are serious about internet marketing and want to make the income that Mark enjoys I confidently say that I have never seen any other program that will do so much for you.

To help you make your decision just take a look at Mark’s Dominating Google official site where you can download a great free tool then see how he earns a 5 figure per month income.

As a bonus when you purchase Dominating Google you will also get these three great SEO tools developed by Mark:

Three bonuses with Dominating Google

Bonus 1 – Google Video Sitemap Plugin.  Currently a hot top seller for Mark.  You will be able to link directly to your own sites and promos from Google’s search results.  You will join the big video sharing sites.

Bonus 2 – RSS Optimizer plugin. Set it up and leave it to work at syndicating your RSS links to 13 top aggregators.  It gets your content re-published and indexed fast.

Bonus 3 – SEO Power Plugin. A very powerful tool that automates valuable SEO tasks to improve your rankings even for keywords you didn’t know were bringing you traffic.

You’ve read my Dominating Google Review – now take a look at what you get by clicking the link above.

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